Please be aware that trampolining is an inherently dangerous activity.
Jump at your own risk and jump within your ability.

  • 1.

    All jumpers and spectators must sign a waiver to enter the park. Waivers must be signed by a parent or guardian for individuals under 18.

  • 2.

    All jumpers must wear a provided wristband indicating the hour of jump time you’ve purchased.

  • 3.

    Only children age 7 and older are allowed on the trampolines alone. Children age 6 or under must have an accompanying parent or guardian with them at all times.

  • 4.

    Do not jump if you are pregnant or have any health limitations.

  • 5.

    All Jumpers Must wear our Gripped Socks or go barefoot. Grip Socks are available for purchase for $4 per jumper.

  • 6.

    No rough-housing, wrestling, racing, tackling, shoving or playing tag.

  • 7.

    No food, drink or gum are allowed on the trampoline court or platform.

  • 8.

    No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol is allowed on the courts.

  • 9.

    Stay in control while jumping on the trampolines and watch out for other jumpers.

  • 10.

    No flips or tricks over the pads are allowed.

  • 11.

    No sitting or resting on the trampolines or pads is allowed.

  • 12.

    No climbing on the walls or nets is allowed.

  • 13.

    No running on the pads is allowed.

  • 14.

    No outside objects, such as balls, phones or cameras are permitted on the courts.

  • 15.

    No large belt buckles, clothing studs, key chains or sharp object on apparel when jumping.

  • 16.

    Pockets should be empty when jumping. Lockers are provided for storing valuables.

  • 17.

    Only jump on the trampolines, do not not jump or land on the padding. The pads are somewhat hard and may cause injury if hit too hard.

  • 18.

    Always jump and land on two feet. A safe landing is a landing with two feet, legs apart, knees bent, and arms in front of you ready to catch yourself if you fall.

  • 19.

    Avoid jumping on another individual’s trampoline. Jumping in someone else’s area poses the risk of launching them into the air before they’re ready and can be dangerous.

  • 20.

    If you fall, try to land on your back or ‘ball up.’ It’s best to keep your arms close to your body to avoid twisting or bending your arms to the point of injury.

  • 21.

    When crossing from one trampoline to another, be sure to look around first to avoid collisions with other jumpers.

  • 22.

    Follow court monitor instructions at all time.

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